3 Ways to Enjoy Your Conservatory During Autumn and Winter

Although summer is almost over and the first autumn leaves are beginning to fall from the trees, that doesn’t mean we need to abandon our conservatories during the coldest months of the year. Once you’ve prepared your conservatory for winter and had a new roof installed by a solid roof specialist, it will be a warm, comfortable and cosy haven that you can continue to use all year round. Here are a few ways you can enjoy your conservatory this autumn and winter.


1. By Hosting Parties

With so many celebrations to look forward to throughout autumn and winter, you can create the ultimate party space in your conservatory. Use it to host your kids’ Halloween party, or marvel at the fireworks on Bonfire Night – what better place to watch them than in your conservatory, which offers panoramic views of the skies? And if your house is feeling a bit full during your Christmas celebrations, the overspill of guests can relax, dine or enjoy the big Boxing Day match in there.


2. It’s Somewhere to Appreciate Nature

If you’re someone who loves the outdoors and tending to your plants in the garden all summer, you probably hate having to spend more time indoors come autumn and winter. However, your conservatory can bring you closer to nature by offering you a place to watch the autumn leaves fall, listen to rain hit the windows on a lazy afternoon, or enjoy the snowfall in your garden. What could be more relaxing?


3. Use it to Escape

Colder weather and darker nights make everyone more inclined to stay in during autumn and winter, so it’s unsurprising if the house feels noisier and more crowded than usual. Don’t bother braving the freezing wind and rain to go for a walk; retire to your conservatory for some much-needed alone time instead. Curl up on the sofa with a good book and revel in the silence, treating it as your very own private living room.

Get ready for winter now and contact us, the experts at Sentinel Solid Roof, to find out more about fitting a new roof on your conservatory before the cold sets in.