Future-Proofing Your Conservatory

Your new conservatory is a smart investment, adding value to your property and useful living space that you can use to create anything from a hobby room to a home office. But how do you future-proof your conservatory so it remains a functional and beautiful space all year round?

Get the Glazing Right

It’s one of the fundamentals of your conservatory, so ensure that your double glazing is rated at least an A for efficiency. This will keep your new conservatory more comfortable by preventing heat loss, make it quieter and more peaceful, and will help to prevent condensation.

Install Some Blinds

Draughts can make any conservatory feel uncomfortable in the colder months, so installing blinds can help to cut draughts and give your space even more functionality. Blinds come in a wide array of designs, colours and patterns to match your interior design scheme.

Make Sure your Roof is Solid

A glass roof may let the daylight flood in, but it is also a poor sound and thermal insulator when compared to a Sentinel solid roof with a superb ā€˜Uā€™ Value as low as 0.18Wm2. A solid rood also gives you the option to use proper insulation which increases the comfort factor in your conservatory and helps you avoid racking up huge heating bills in the winter.

Light it up

If you want your conservatory to remain a functional and usable space all year round, then solid conservatory roofs offer more than just weatherproofing. You can add downlighters and Velux windows during installation to create a beautiful wash of light on those long winter nights and let the sunlight flood in during the summer, making your conservatory a welcoming and usable space whatever the time of day or year.

Image from Flickr

Make Wise Flooring Choices

Tile is undoubtedly the number one choice for a durable and long-lasting conservatory floor. It’s beautiful and practical too, needing very little maintenance. Adding underfloor heating will not only be energy efficient when combined with your A-rated double glazing and insulated roof, but it feels luxurious too.

Want to Future-Proof Your Conservatory?

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