Get the Look: the Classic Period Conservatory

Conservatories first became popular in the Victorian era, when these ornate structures would be filled with exotic plants and used for gracious tea parties. It’s a look anyone can copy in their modern conservatory, starting with the addition of solid conservatory roofs to nail that period look and to provide extra functionality to your conservatory at any time of the year. If you’re building from scratch then a solid timber frame, or a composite that features a durable aluminium exterior and the beauty and warmth of a timber interior, is the smart choice. You can then choose from our range of conservatory roof styles to complete the period look.

Get the Design Right

If your conservatory will form an integral part of the living space, then you’ll need to consider the way your period style conservatory flows into the existing building. Also think about proportion: for a cottage or smaller property, a lean-to style conservatory may be more in keeping. The Victorian Era was particularly eclectic in its design language, so for authenticity you could add some Gothic touches, but clean lines and a solid gable roof will create the exterior look you’re after.

A Contemporary Twist on Victorian Design

The Victorians were real design magpies, mixing and matching design influences from around the globe. Here are three ways to add your own contemporary twist to classic Victorian design for your period conservatory:

• Bold foliage and floral prints – this is an easy way to bring Victorian style to the conservatory while still being bang on trend. Keep it traditional with William Morris-style prints or update with Kew Garden style tropical foliage.
• Lavishly padded furniture – opt for a stunning Victorian styled piece, like a button back Chesterfield in green or scarlet, add an ornate ottoman or choose a velvet upholstered chaise lounge for a touch of Victorian opulence and glamour.
• If you’re tiling your conservatory floor, then go bold with Victorian style encaustic tiles in modern designs and colourways.

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Ask the Professionals

If you want to know more about solid roof conservatories, contact us today. As your solid roof specialist we’ll be happy to help you get your period conservatory look just right.

Photo: Conservatory, looking out by Sebastian Anthony licensed under Creative commons 6