Inspiration For Your Conservatory: 4 Famous Roof Designs

The ceiling’s not the limit when it comes to roofs. People look up to roofers who get creative with their design and offer something different, so here are four roofs renowned around the world for their invention and allure.

1. Sydney Opera House

The roof of the Sydney Opera House is iconic. The design is so groundbreaking it looks practically impossible, with the shell-like, bright, white roofs made of precast concrete slabs covered with millions of Swedish tiles. If only the roof contractors had been able to stay on budget. They spent 13.5 times more than they were supposed to!

Sydney Opera House - iStock_000020542287_Medium
2. The Grand Palace, Bangkok

The roofs of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand are ornate and full of symbolism related to Thai history and culture. The lower part of the throne hall at the palace is constructed in a European style, while the roof is traditional Thai. The roofs are tiled beautifully in green and orange and accentuated with golden spires.

3. St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna

The roof is really what makes this Austrian landmark so incredible. It’s covered in over 230,000 glazed tiles that boast beautiful colours and elaborate patterns. The images created with the tiles include the coat of arms of Vienna and of the Republic of Austria and the symbol of the famous Hapsburg dynasty. The roof is so steep that snow rarely stays on it and it can be cleaned just with rain.

4. Taj Mahal, India

Some believe that the Taj Mahal is named after its founder’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal, which means “crown of the palace.” The Taj Mahal is certainly crowned with an incredible roof. The marble dome is almost 115 feet high and features a lotus design at the top, along with four smaller kiosks at the corners.

Taj Mahal in sunset light, Agra, India

Your conservatory may not be as grand or as well-visited as the landmarks detailed above, but here at Sentinel solid roof  we believe that you deserve a roof that is just as eye-catching. Get in touch with us today to ask about how we can work our magic.