Making Your Conservatory More Usable All Year

A conservatory is a useful and popular addition to many homes, providing extra space and a connection between the house and the garden. However, some people struggle to get the most out of their conservatories. So here are a few ways to improve yours and enjoy it all year round.

Improve Temperature Regulation

With such large windows, conservatories have a tendency to get too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer. But there are many ways to regulate the temperature using simple changes and embracing new technology.

If your conservatory doesn’t already have them, fitting suitably sized radiators will keep the room much warmer in the winter. Shorter, long radiators on the dwarf wall is normally the most efficient option. The type of roof always makes a big impact on how warm the room is, too, as solid conservatory roofs provide much more insulation than glass or PVC types.

Protect from the Sun

Bright sunshine can sometimes make conservatories difficult to use in the summer, with the glare obstructing screens and harmful rays damaging furniture and carpets. Thick blinds and curtains help to not only block out some of the light but also keep the room cool, while special UV films can be applied to the glass to prevent some UV rays from entering.

Beautiful conservatory setting

Put it to Good Use

Even with a conservatory that is comfortable to use all year round, some can often be overlooked and unused if they are seen simply as a room to walk through to get outside. Make the most out of your extra room and give it a useful and specific purpose, whether that is a children’s playroom or kitchen extension. If you have a small kitchen diner, consider moving the dining table into the conservatory, giving you much more space to eat together as a family. A home office is another practical use for your conservatory, as they offer plenty of light and a separate space to work in.

If you need help making the most of your conservatory, please contact us to talk to our team of experts.