Stay in Shape This Winter: Use Your Conservatory as a Fitness Studio

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, many fitness enthusiasts find themselves unable to get the exercise they need. But this doesn’t have to be the case for those with a conservatory that offers extra living space and room to exercise through the colder months.

Future-proofed conservatories with solid conservatory roofs offer the perfect environment to set up a range of simple collapsible exercise items to use throughout the winter. It’ll improve your happiness and you don’t have to sacrifice the space.

Keep fit in your conservatory by setting up this equipment:

elderly exercise iStock_000015434296_Small
1. Turbo Trainer, Rollers or a Stationary Bike

Cycling enthusiasts can benefit from winter training on a turbo trainer, a set of rollers or a stationary bike. If you use your conservatory as a living room, then you can set your turbo trainer up in the middle and put on a repeat of the Tour de France to keep you entertained as you pedal. Stow your bike behind the sofa to get your space back.

2. Freestanding Pull Up Bar

Bodyweight exercises are a great way to keep the Christmas pounds off and a freestanding pull up bar brings the gym to you. These pop-up bits of kit mean you won’t have to worry about attaching fixtures which could cause damage to your conservatory.

3. Free Weights

The home workout is never simpler than with a set of free weights. Dumbbells will fit neatly behind a couch, in a small cabinet or behind a sofa, so you can keep fit in your conservatory without sacrificing the space. Adding a lifting bench can increase the range of workouts available, too.

4. Yoga

Yoga can be great for the mind and body, and a conservatory is a great space in which to practice. Shutting yourself off from the noise of the house can give you the peace and quiet you need to relax, unwind and recuperate after a long day.

For more information on how versatile your conservatory can be, check out our blog. If you’re interested in improving your conservatory space, contact us today to find out how we can help.