Want a Pinterest-Worthy Conservatory?

You might think that the homes and conservatories you see in lifestyle magazines or find on Pinterest are a thing only dreams are made of, but with the right vision and know-how, they can be all yours in no time.

If you are keen to bag yourself a Pinterest-worthy conservatory, then listen up; we have 5 ways for you to achieve the look.


1. Light It Up

Any ardent interior designer knows that lighting is key to nailing the perfect space, so always aim for as much natural daylight as you can get. Of course, with a conservatory, this is pretty simple as they are made predominantly of glass, but you will also need some lighting for the evenings; make sure the pieces you choose are simple, modern and statement.


2. Colour Coordinate

Try to stick to a colour scheme when decorating your conservatory, using white as a base. Not only do white walls make for a much brighter room, but it makes it easier to mix and match your furniture and finishing touches in keeping with the changing seasons.


3. Find the Perfect Furniture

Try to steer clear of traditional pieces, such as wicker chairs and glass tables. Instead, opt for more modern pieces that you would also place in your living room. Think plush sofas, wooden tables, over-the-top lamp shades. Conservatories tend to end up being the place you entertain guests, so make sure it’s comfortable and stylish, as well as the bridge between the inside and out.

4. Finishing Touches

For your conservatory to excel in the Pinterest stakes, make sure you add lots of finishing touches to the room. Real plants are a good way to bring some life into your space, but get inventive too. Think pots, lighting, plush throws and pillows to warm up the room and make it an inviting place to relax in.


5. Exterior

Of course, it’s always what’s on the inside that counts, but try to pay attention to the exterior as well. Come the summer months, you’ll be spending lots more time in the garden and you will want your conservatory to look good from the outside, too. Make sure to do your research and find a solid conservatory roof that not only looks good but does the job too.


If you are looking for help finding the perfect roof for your conservatory, contact us at Sentinal Solid Roof today.